Eating Out in Cambodia

One of the best and perhaps cheapest ways to sample Cambodian food is to visit the food stalls in the markets and along the roadside. These are a great way to sample the cuisine as usually you can taste the dish before deciding what to eat.

Cambodian delicacies consists of a variety of dishes including Chong Roet (roasted cicadas), Khao Phoun (rice noodles in a coconut sauce), Somla Chapek (ginger flavoured pork soup), and also Pan Chaiv which are pancakes filled with meat, bean sprouts and spices. These are usually eaten with green vegetables and a peanut sauce.

Phnom Penh is the best place to sample cheap Cambodian cuisine as it offers the biggest variety, but there are also a number of good restaurants in Siem Reap.

And if the Cambodian cuisine does not suit your taste buds you will always be able to find a large variety of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, French and Mediterranean cooking.

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