About Canada

Although Canada as a country has only been in existence since 1867, the history of the area has certainly been one full of events. In Central and Eastern Canada you will see evidence of the struggles of the British and French, the first European settlers. The history of this area also has strong links with the American Revolution when thousands of people crossed the border into Canada in order to continue living under the rule of the British Crown. The struggle between those north and south of the border continued until after the war in 1812 and this important part of the country's history is evident in many sites scattered throughout this part of Canada.

On a whole, the history of the country is also largely reflected in adaptation to the forces of nature and climate. In Atlantic Canada the ocean has played a very significant role in the history and culture of the area. In Western Canada much of its history revolves around the building of the railway westwards, while this brought progress and development to, and even helped create many communities, a lot of sacrifice and challenges were necessary for the railway to be completed. The history of Western Canada is also synonymous with the growth and development of the Hudson Bay Company that started off in the fur trade, and was responsible for the discovery and later habitation of many places. Similarly the North West Mounted Police (now part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) helped form and develop the west and in undertaking this, the legend of the 'Mounties' was born. Throughout the country, it is interesting to see how the laws and even the mores of earlier times have shaped today's society.

Today, alongside the original French and British settlers, you will find a host of communities who maintain the traditions of their homelands; Chinese, Ukranians, Portuguese, Indian, Dutch and Greek to name but a view. For the visitor, the result of is that one region can be completely different from another just a couple of hours away making a trip from one to the other seem like going to a different country in lots of cases. Each gives the visitor a completely different insight into past and present life in Canada.

Coupled with this is the Canada that no amount of immigration could ever change – the natural landscape. Mountains, forests, deserts and beaches. Every natural feature you can possibly imagine is located in this remarkable country. All you have to do is ensure that you make the most of them.

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