Eating Out in Canada

Food lovers among you will revel in the culinary delights that Canada has to offer. From sampling Dim Sum in Vancouver's Chinatown to feasting on Danish specialities including frikadeller and aeggekage ( hopefully they taste better than they sound) in Saskatchewan, every taste, however bizarre is catered for. But what of the local cuisine?

Wherever you see wooden lobster pots, you know that a fresh lobster dinner is not too far away. If you are a fan of this particular crustacean, then you need to get yourself to New Brunswick, Shediac or anywhere along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. Try cracking one of them open on a summer's day at a waterside picnic table with a locally brewed beer in tow. Now, that's what holidays are all about.

If fresh fish is not really your thing, check out the smoked meat on offer in Montreal. This particular delicacy had its origins in the late 1800s with the influx of eastern Europeans into the area. Since then pastrami, corned beef and other delicatessen delights have become extremely popular among tourists and locals alike. While perhaps not as classy as the aforementioned lobster picnic, if you are a meat eater, then the sights and smells of Montreal will certainly tempt your tastebuds.

Another favourite among visitors to Canada are the wonderful array Newfoundland berries on offer if you happen to come during the right season. Blueberries, strawberries and partridgeberries are just three of those to be found at roadside stands in midsummer but if you don’t get to buy them from these makeshift vendors, try them on cakes and deserts in restaurants in the area.

Of course there are those of you who will never stray from what you are accustomed and as the old adage tells us – if it's not broken, why fix it. So, if you are partial to paella or swoon over spaghetti, each of the major cities has plenty of ethnic quarters in the form of Little Italys and Chinatowns to keep your hunger at bay. Paragraph summarizing cuisine, restaurant types

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