Eating Out in Chile

Chile is lucky to have two of its three regions producing endless fresh ingredients to pack into its various dishes. The coastal region in the west of the country gives its budding chefs and restaurants a constant supply of seafood while the central lowlands churns out fresh produce annually.

Chileans like to eat and usually fit in three to four meals daily. Of all these, the biggest and most important meal of the day is lunch. Breakfast, dinner which is served in the evening, plus a sneaky snack sometime during the day makes up the other meals.

It is hard to pinpoint one national dish found all over the country due to such a varied geography, but there are still some meals the Chileans are famous for. Paila Marina is a shellfish stew and can be found in most areas around the country. Another speciality, but more of a snack than a meal, are empanadas which are meat or cheese filled turnovers.

Street stalls around markets offer the best value if you are plan on eating out. The quality of restaurants can vary, as can their prices so make sure to check them out before entering or you could find yourself paying a bit more than expected.

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