Entertainment in Chile

The best places to go if you are searching for a wild night out are in larger cities such as Santiago. These are quite similar to those found in other parts of South American country. What Chile does have which are unique are Peñas. These are nightclubs which give performers the chance to perform folk-based material, the content usually being political.

The capital is where most of the action is and Bellavista is Santiago’s liveliest district. You will find a number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs along the area’s main strip Calla Pio Nono. In recent years tourists have been advised to be careful in the area, particularly at night time. No matter how many beers you have, do your best to keep your wits about you and everything should be ok.

Theatre is extremely popular in Chile, meaning any play you decide to visit will be of a very high standard. The only problem going to the cinema may oppose is the language barrier. While going to the cinema is also a nice way to spend the evening if you don’t fancy painting the town red, many films showing may be dubbed in Spanish.

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