Things To See in Chile

Separating Chile from Argentina, the Andes are this South American country’s best known attraction. With over 50 active volcanic mountains, some of the peaks reach a height of 6,700 metres. Even though the mountains are the country’s most impressive spectacle, there are still more things to see within the mountain range. The northern section of the range is full of more severe, sharp mountain peaks, where the southern region has the Andean Corridor of the Lakes. Less sudden peaks are more common in the southern, as are crystal clear lakes.

When trekking through mountains seems just a bit too much work, the southern half of the country is where forests and lakes take over from mountain peaks. South of Coihaque is Elizade Lake, which is one of the smaller in the region. This is soon followed by General Carrera Lake, which also enters Argentina and is South America’s second largest.

Between the Andes and the coastal region along the Pacific are the Central Lowlands. In the north the land between rock and sea is barren, dry and eventually becomes the Atacama Desert, said to be one of the driest in the world. In the south, between the eastern border and western coast, the land becomes a maze of small islands.

With such diverse sightseeing to be done, it can be made even more eventful with the help of different activities. Skiing is one of the most common sports throughout the Andes, white-water rafting always combines scenery and adrenaline rushes with great ease, and when you are looking for some sun, the beaches in the north west offer excellent surfing opportunities.

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