Things To See in Costa Rica

The Beaches
With over 750 miles of shoreline on both the Pacific and the Caribbean the beaches of Costa Rica offer something for all types of sea, sun and sand worshippers. Sailing, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, rafting and good old fashioned sun bathing can all be enjoyed throughout coastal Costa Rica and thanks to the small area of the country the wonderful host of beaches are never too far out of reach. Among the most popular are those around Playa Montezuema, Playa Carillo, Punta Uva, Playa Cativo and Playa Zancudo.

The Parks
For those of you tiring slightly of the sea and all that comes with it, why not head inland and check out some of the wonderful natural parks that Costa Rica has to offer. From Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, the country’s oldest national park to the fascinating Rincon de la Vieja – a volcanic hotpot with craters, boiling mud pools, hot springs and lagoons – you will find miles of unspoiled hiking trails where you can transport yourself into the heart of the natural world. If this sounds more like your type of attraction, however, make sure you visit during the dry season as things can get kind of messy during the wet one.

The Capital
Once a wonderful, prosperous city, San Jose has somewhat fallen prey to the worldwide problems of pollution and overcrowding. When you get over this, however, the city actually has a great deal to offer. Home to several really good museums including the Museo Nacional and the Museo del Oro Pre-Colobmio, there are also many impressive buildings scattered throughout the city. And if history and architecture aren’t really your thing though you can always check out the wonderful markets, the nearby beaches and the city’s buzzing nightlife.

The Cloud Forests
Home to over one hundred species of mammal, four hundred species of bird and almost three hundred plant species, the cloud forests of Santa Elena and Monteverde are one of the most spectacular natural wildlife habitats in the world. Add to this the fact that the forests are surround in cloud all year round due to altitude and you’ll see why they attract visitors from right around the world. A mystical natural haven, they really are a little surreal. The best time to visit is between December and May each year and for those of you worried about getting lost in the mist, fear not as there are endless organised tours and hikes going on during these months.

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