Entertainment in Croatia

Dubrovnik Festival
Taking place between July 10th and August 25th every year, this festival has been around since 1950. As a result it’s renowned the world over attracting a host of world famous artists as well as a horde of spectators. Opening with a spectacular fireworks display the five weeks of its duration see open-air pop and classical concerts, street theatre, parades and general madness. What makes it particularly memorable is the cultural diversity on display where everything from Hip Hop to Opera is enjoyed by a vast and varied audience.

Hvar Summer Festival
Lasting for almost three and a half months (100days and nights) from June 21 to September 30, the likelihood that you’re going to be in Croatia at some point during this festival is pretty strong so there’s no excuse not to attend. Incorporating all of the arts including theatre, music, dance and folklore, the coastal town is buzzing all summer long thanks to this remarkable festival.

International Puppet Festival
Taking place in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, between August 30th and September 6th every year this is one of the most important festivals of puppetry on the planet. From animation and puppet exhibitions to learning how to make your very own puppets, this festival is great fun and really does let you step back in time to the days of your childhood, regardless of how far back you have to step. So take to the streets, enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful venues of Zagreb and stock up on film before you go because you’re going to be snap happy.

Spectator Sports
There are two sports that the Croatians love and while you’re in the country you will find it very hard to escape either and then there’s one that seems to have taken over their lives. The former are basketball and tennis while the latter is, well you’ve probably guessed it at this stage – soccer. And they’re quite good at all three too which makes checking a game out while you’re there a really good way to spend a couple of hours. With a Wimbledon champion in the form of Goran Ivanisevic to a national soccer team which fared very well in both the last World Cup and European Championship, it’s easy to see why this form of entertainment is so popular.

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