About Cyprus

Having only become its own independent state in August 1960, Cyprus is full of European tourists getting away from their native lands for two weeks. Families, large groups of lads and lassies and endless amounts of couples make their way to the sun-drenched island during the summer months for their holidays. There is a lot more to the island other than package holidays, however.

Second in size to only Sicily and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has been the destination of many famous holiday-makers in the past. Cleopatra, Leonardo da Vinci, Richard the Lionheart and Alexander the Great have all graced the island with their presence in years gone by.

The island has been divided into two sectors since 1976 – the northern Turkish Cypriot sector and the southern Greek Cypriot sector. The majority of the country’s 800,000 (approximately) people are Greek and live in the southern sector. This is also the bigger sector, consisting of 68% of the land. It is also the area most visited by tourists.

Tourism is the island’s most important industry with over one million vacationers making the trip every year. Nearly all of the island’s are exclusively in the southern ‘half’. Other industries prominent in Cyprus include fishing and agriculture.

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