General Info about Denmark

Visa Requirements
Citizens from other European countries, Australia, Canada, and the US are not required to obtain a tourist visa to enter Denmark, although they must have a valid visa for stays of less than 3 months. Natives of South Africa are required to get a tourist visa to enter.

The official currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone (DKK) which is divided into 100 øre. Notes come in 50DKK, 100DKK, 200DKK, 500DKK and 1000DKK denominations. Coins in circulation are 25 øre, 50 øre, 1 kroner, 2 kroner, 5 kroner, 10 kroner and 20 kroner.

The official language spoken in Denmark is Danish. English is widely spoken also, particularly in the service industry.

The best time to visit Denmark is from mid-May to September. Summer is from June to August, while spring and autumn are fairly mild. Due to its northern location, winter months are very cold and can limit what you can do and see.

Medical Care
Citizens of the UK are eligible for free medical care upon presentation of their passport. Other nationalities must pay for it. Most travel insurance policies cover you medically.

All over the country medical facilities are excellent. You will never have a problem finding a hospital or pharmacy. The phone number for the emergency services in Denmark is 112.

Time Zone
Denmark is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (two during daylight saving months).

Opening Hours
Retail shops open from 9-10am until 6pm, with late night shopping on Thursdays. Banks open from 10am-4pm Monday-Friday, and from 10am-6pm on Thursdays.

Business hours are from 9am-6pm Monday-Friday.

Tourist Offices
All major cities and towns around Denmark have tourist offices. They are a great source of information and you will be able to pick up lots of brochures for both Denmark and its neighbouring countries.

VAT in Denmark is 25% which is added on most goods along with hotel and restaurant bills. EU and Scandinavian nationals can claim back VAT at the airport from individual items which cost over DKK300. This can only be claimed from goods bought in shops displaying the Global Refund Denmark/Tax Free International signs.

Currency Exchange
All major cities have currency exchange offices which generally stay open until late at night.

Most businesses accept travellers cheques, and you will be able to change them without any trouble. Even though it is so easy to change travellers cheques, make sure and have some cash with you when you first arrive.

220 volts AC/50Hz. Continental two-pin plugs are standard.

Post Office
Post offices open from between 9.30am or 10am until 5.30pm. On Saturdays they open at the same time until midday. You can get post sent to any post office in Denmark.

In general service charges are always added to bills. Because of this, tipping isn’t deemed necessary in Denmark, only in some exceptional cases where you feel it is necessary due to above standard service.

Public Holidays
Denmark’s public holidays are New Years Day (Jan 1st), Maundy Thursday (Thursday before Easter), Easter (March/April), General Prayers Day (fourth Friday after Easter), Ascension Thursday (fifth Thursday after Easter), Constitution Day (5th June), and Christmas.

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