Transport in Denmark

Getting There:

By air: There are numerous European airlines which serve Denmark. Most of these flights ground in Copenhagen.

By train: Copenhagen is a major intersection of train lines for both Scandinavia and Western Europe. It is connected with Malmö and Frankfurt among other cities.

By bus: You can get from Germany to Denmark by bus via the E45 motorway. Via Germany, you can travel to Denmark via long haul buses from most European cities.

By ferry: There are ferry connections between Copenhagen and Malmö as well as some German destinations also.

Getting Around:

By air: The main carrier in Denmark is Maersk Air and they fly between Denmark’s major cities such as Copenhagen and Odense.

By train: The rail network is the most convenient and efficient mode of transport around Denmark. All major cities are connected and, rather than charged for the distance travelled, ticket prices alter regarding the number of ‘zones’ you travel through.

By bus: It is good to keep in mind that buses are substantially cheaper than trains, although they’re not as efficient.

All major cities and towns are served by a local bus service.

By ferry: Denmark has an indispensable ferry network which connects its various islands together. If you are staying in the Scandinavian capital for any length of time you are bound to travel on one at some stage.

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