Eating Out in Egypt

Egyptian cuisine is largely connected to Arabic and Middle-Eastern foods. As Nomad Arabs tribes were largely on the move so they used to carry easily transportable food so rice still features prominently in many dishes. Other ingredients they used widely, which are still uses today are simple and natural ingredients.

As the tribes moved into the Middle East more nationalities influenced the food so new spices and methods of cooking started making their way into recipes. Different nationalities which were making their mark in particular were the Greek and the Turkish.

The best places to eat in Egypt, if you are looking for good value, are in cafés but the choice of food isn’t as good as in restaurants whose target clientele are tourists and the local middle class. Street stalls are found in most big towns and cities and are the cheapest place to get a snack.

Some national dishes include “Ancient” Egyptian Marinade which consists of chicken breasts/legs soaked in buttermilk overnight and then peppered, and also "T’amiyaa" which is mashed chicken peas and kushari which is a mix of noodles, ric, onions, lentils and tomato sauce.

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