Entertainment in Egypt

Egypt can sometimes have a reputation of having a very restricted nightlife and drinking, in particular, is something which isn’t done a lot by tourists and locals alike. But most of the cities have endless bars and nightclubs to visit.

Cairo, as the capital, has the most amount of venues to choose from. Bars and nightclubs play everything from house music to chart and pop music and the influence from the West is more evident every year.

Luxor on the other hand might not have just as many places, but still enough to choose from. The best way to enjoy a night out in either of the cities is in a bar overlooking the River Nile. You may have to do a bit more hunting to find pubs offering these views, but you will find somewhere in the end.

If you decide to stay away from the pubs and nightclubs, but still feel like doing something in the evening, most areas have cinemas and possibly even theatres which present a different option.

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