Eating Out in Fiji

While you will find plenty of international cuisine to tempt you during your stay in Fiji, you should sample some of the local Fijian and Indian cuisine. Among the local dishes you will find kakoda, a dish consisting of marinated local fish steamed in coconut cream and lime; kassaua, tapioca which has been boiled, baked or grated and cooked in coconut cream with sugar and mashed bananas. Other popular local delicacies include rourou which is a taro leaf dish and duruka. This is an unusual asparagus-like vegetable which you will find in season during April and May. A large number of restaurants also serve the Fijian lovo feast which consists of meats, fish, vegetables and fruit which has been cooked in covered pits.

On the drinks side of things, Fiji also has a number of delights to offer the ever-thirsty backpacker. The two principal local beers are Carlton, which is brewed in Suva, and Fiji Bitter which is brewed in Lautoka. Meridan Moselle and Suvanna Moselle are among the more popular local wines. And, local distilleries also produce Bounty Fiji Golden Rum, Old Club Whiskey, Booth’s Gin and Cossack Vodka. Not sure about the quality, but the price is pretty enticing. You should also try yagona which is pronounced yanggona at least once during your stay. Made from the root of the pepper plant, traditionally, this was prepared by virgins who chewed the root into a soft pulpy mass before adding water. As far as I am aware, this is no longer the case but it does remain important in the Fijian culture.

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