Things To See in Fiji

Sri Siva-Subramaniya Temple, Nadi
This is the largest Hindu temple in the Southern Hemisphere and if you wish to experience the cultural and architectural diversity for which the country is known, then you really need to pay a visit to this particular structure. The three-part building is dedicated to Murugan whose staute is housed in the main temple. The intricate work which you will see on the various statues in the temple was carried out by eight Indian craftsmen who were brought to Fiji specifically to sculpt them. The height, weight and width of each design has a specific religious meaning and the main area has been built so that the correct vibrations are present for those in prayer. I think you will agree that they take this type of thing pretty seriously so you are expected to treat the temple with extreme reverence when you are there.

Fiji Museum (Na Vale Ni i Yaya Maroroi), Suva
This museum houses a fascinating collection of artefacts ranging from objects from the first settlement three and a half thousand years ago, to cultural material from the various Fijian communities, to material documenting the country’s past. Some of the more popular attractions include the prehistory gallery which shows the visitor various aspects of traditional Vitian Culture, the history gallery where you will see the rudder of the HMS Bounty and a copy of the Deed of Cession when Fiji became a colony of Great Britain and the Masi Gallery which shows how this traditional cloth was made. You can also visit a pottery making demonstration, the video theatre and take a ride in a traditional Vitian drua - a double hulled canoe. A visit to the museum is both interesting and entertaining and well worth the $3 entry fee.

Adventure Sports
Fiji is a haven for sports lovers, and particularly those which involve getting wet. Consistently good weather and an incredible natural environment make it perfect setting for outdoor leisure. Among the activities which you can enjoy during your trip are swimming, snorkeling, coral viewing, scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, fishing and sailing. Some of the bigger resorts also provide para-gliding and boat excursions to nearby islands.

If you prefer to remain on dry land, however, you should try trekking in the tropical rainforests or head off on a safari into the highlands to see the rugged peaks and remote little villages. Whichever activity you decide on is guaranteed to be memorable compliments of the spectacular natural beauty of the country.

Orchid Island Fijian Cultural Centre, Suva
This centre presents a fascinating showcase of flora, fauna, crafts, customs and ancient rituals which have been kept alive for people like you who come in search of an experience that is somewhat different. The island which is a natural river formation has been cultivated into a realistic microcosm of all things Fijian. As you enter Orchid Island you will be greeted by the Bure Kalou, a fifty-foot high pagan temple constructed to represent similar temples where ancient Fijians carried out human sacrifices and the like. Once inside, you will see the internationally acclaimed Crested Iguana which is only found in Fiji, as well as monkeys, parrots and mongooses. You can also visit the mini museum which reveals a vivid history of the country and which houses Fiji’s largest drua. It is a museum with a difference but one which makes it a must on your travel itinerary.

Suva Municipal Market
This is the largest and liveliest market in the South Pacific and offers a vast array of tropical produce to its shoppers. If you fancy trying out some local fruit and vegetables then you’ve come to the right place. If you would like to know what they are before you try them, try visiting the market when it’s not too busy. At these particular times of the day the vendors are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Otherwise you’re just going to have to be brave and dig in. The market offers a unique insight into everyday urban life in Fiji and is unlike anything you will have ever seen before. It is also situated across the street from the Suva Flea Market so if you’re running out of clothes or ideas for presents you should also check this out.

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