About Germany

It’s difficult to know where to begin when describing a location with so much history. Germany is a country that has had a great deal to contend with throughout the decades. Many of the country’s most precious treasures were destroyed in World War ll and they have had to spend the years since attempting to restore and rebuild both the treasures and the nation itself. They also have to cope with the fact that every time the country’s name is mentioned, people immediately think of Adolph Hitler and the atrocities that he was responsible for. Finally, the residents of this troubled country are still coming to terms with the reunification. It’s little over ten years since the Berlin Wall came down and every single person has had to redefine themselves and the country as a whole since this momentous event occurred.

Despite all of this, the birthplace of the world’s greatest music composers has so much to offer its visitors. While so many building and structures were destroyed, there was so much more that no war could possibly damage – the natural attractions. The Black Forest, the Bavarian Alps and the lands in the basins of both the Danube and the Rhine still remain as perfect as they were thousands of years ago and entice millions of tourists every year.

Since the reunification of east and west just over ten years ago, Germany has continued to flourish both financially and politically. Because of this growth, a large number of people who return recommend a visit as soon as possible. They feel that if you leave it for too long, the country will lose the charm which it now has in its possession. It is developing so quickly and has become so industrialised that it may not be as appealing in another decade. The only consolation is that the forests, mountains and lakes will still be there.

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