Eating Out in Germany

Germany’s cuisine is an adventure in itself. As well as having specific dishes that are unique to the country – the aforementioned Schnitzel and Spätzle for example - each region also has its own particular food and drink that are a large part of its defining culture. These differences have come about as a result of both the agriculture of the region and the tastes of new Germans who have settled in the country since its reunification. With all this choice, however, it’s difficult to know what to sample so here’s a quick guide to the favourites among tourists and the locals.

Visitors to Berlin should try the local brew, Berliner Weiße mit Schuß. A mixture of wheat beer and syrup, it provides the perfect accompaniment to the Turkish food which is in abundance throughout the city. If you are in Cologne you cannot leave without trying the highly recommended Rievekoochen, potato cakes which come with Apfelmus (applesauce) on the side and are usually washed down with the local beer, Kölsch. Frankfurters offer you something which sounds a lot less appetising; Handkäse mit Musik which is a cheese curd with raw onions; Grûne Sosse, a green sauce with various herbs and served with boiled eggs and potatoes; and you wash all of this down with Ebbelwei, a sweet apple wine - definitely the most appetising part of the meal. Finally, if you are spending some time in the Bavarian region of the country you should try Brez’n, which is a type of pretzel, with Leberwurst spread on top. And of course you couldn’t leave Munich without sampling at least one of the local beers. Weißbier, a cloudy blond beer and Radler which is a mixture of beer and lemon soda are among the most popular.

Don’t worry, if you really don’t feel brave enough to sample the local delicacies, you will not go hungry. Many young chefs who have trained in France, Spain and Italy are now returning to their home country and opening up award winning restaurants which serve dishes other than pea soup and snail chowder. We just like to give you all the options.

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