About Greece

Greek myth tells us that when God created the world, he distributed all the available soil through a sieve and when He felt that every country had enough he threw the stones that were left over his shoulder creating Greece. The myth is centred around the fact that over two thirds of the country is classified as hilly and mountainous. But, most would admit that those who devised the legend were a little harsh. They omitted the fact that the country itself is one of the most picturesque in the world. Obviously, they didn’t know at the time that it was also to become a nation with one of the richest histories in the world but this is exactly what was in store for the southern point of the Balkan Peninsula.

In recent years a number of the Greek islands have been invaded by hoards of the dreaded package tourist. It is now the favoured destination of more than eleven million visitors each year. Yet despite the mass influx of fellow Europeans, the country still maintains so many of its traditions and its customs. Furthermore, the fact that only one hundred and sixty six of its three thousand islands and islets are inhabited means that for those of you who don’t fancy sharing your time there with a bunch of lager louts, there are plenty of places to hide.

A visit to a country with a history which is almost four thousand years old is guaranteed to provide a memorable trip and this is exactly what Greece will do. Walking through the streets in even the smallest towns and villages you will come across ruins and reminders of the country’s first inhabitants. What is particularly significant about Greece is that because it is so old, the ruins that are there date from so many periods throughout history.

And, of course coupled with the wonderful historical sights are the thousands of Mediterranean beaches. Scuba divers in particular are attracted to the seas around Greece because up until very recently diving in so many areas was prohibited for archaeological reasons. Now it provides an amazing experience as there is every possibility that you may even uncover a wreck for the very first time. As well as allowing you to do your own explorations, however, it also means that even for those of you who just want to swim in unspoilt waters, there are endless opportunities to do so.

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