About Hungary

Located right in the middle of Central Europe, Hungary borders no less than six countries – Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Yugoslavia and Austria. This makes it a perfect destination to place on an itinerary for anybody thinking of inter-railing throughout Europe.

In regards to some European countries, as a nation it is quite young and is little over 1000 years old. The first Hungarian king was St Stephen who ruled from 1001-1038AD. Rulers from other European countries left their mark and the Romans, Polish and Turks all ruled in Hungary at one stage. It wasn’t until the early 20th Century under Count Michael Károlyi that Hungary finally became a fully independent state.

In earlier decades, Hungary’s main industry was always agriculture until after World War II when the country became heavily industrialised. Then in the 1990’s the industry underwent another transformation when it began producing goods to be exported to other countries other than Russia, where they were sending most of the produce.

90% of Hungary’s population is made up of the Magyars, who also populate some of Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia. These people migrated from the Urals in Eastern Russia in the 5th Century and moved into Eastern Europe. The remaining 10% consists of Gypsies, Germans and Serbs, among others.

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