Eating Out in Hungary

Just as tomatoes feature in virtually every Italian dish, and the majority of Asian meals contain rice, Hungarian food has paprika in basically everything. Although it originated in Central America, the spice has been growing in Hungary for approximately 300 years and no Hungarian dish is complete without it!

Main courses usually consist of meat, with both red paprika onions and green paprika to spice things up a little. This isn’t the main meal of the day though, instead the honours going to lunch which can be one of a variety of soups, also known as goulash.

Restaurants in Hungary usually have set menus for lunch, as it is the day’s main meal. Consisting of soup, main course and also a dessert, they are good value. In the evenings prices can vary between local restaurants and those catering for the tourist. Have a look at the menus before entering just to make sure it is within your budget.

If you wish to sample some of the native dishes you can try Gyümölcs leves (cold fruit soup), Paprikas csirke (chicken cooked in savoury paprika sauce), and one of the country’s better known savoury snacks known as Turoscsusza (pasta, cottage cheese, sour cream and bacon bits).

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