Things To See in Hungary

Most visitors to Hungary arrive in Budapest initially which is full of memorable places to visit. City Park in the northeast of the city has enough to see to keep you occupied for a day. The Museum of Fine Art, the City Zoo and Vajdahunyad Castle on an island in the lake in the centre of the park can all be found there.

Just north of the capital is the Royal Danube Bend. This area around Europe’s second longest river (the Volga is longer) is full with enchanting castles, historical churches and medieval towns. One of the towns in the area, Szentendre, manages to fit 20 museums and galleries into the town, even though it only has a population of 20,000.

One area different to the rest of the country with regards the landscape is the northern region. The country’s highest point at Mátra Hill is in the area, and is only one hill of many. Hungary’s highest hills are where creeks flow and castles stand.

To witness true Hungarian culture the southern plains is where to find it. The oldest Hungarian towns originated in the area and the country's folk customs and art are still evident. If making your way in to the west you are bound to visit Lake Balaton which is not only one of Hungary’s biggest attractions but also Eastern Europe’s.

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