Things To See in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon, Reykjanes
One of the country’s most popular attractions, the Blue Lagoon is a manufactured pool of natural seawater which is laden with natural minerals and is situated in the middle of a lava field. Offering the thrill of bathing in hot water while surrounded by snow in the middle of winter or simply chilling out in the summer sunshine, it really is a unique attraction. A combination of blue algae and white mud give the lagoon its fantastic aquamarine colour which will make you want to jump in the second you get there. Daily bus services run between the lagoon and Reykjavik and Keflavik so you have no excuses.

Golden Falls (Gullfoss)
The continent’s most powerful waterfall, Gullfoss has a double cascade which falls from a height over one hundred feet above. To truly appreciate the attraction, the best time to check it out is on a sunny day when the mist which surrounds the falls creates dozens of rainbows making it really memorable. Because the falls step out for a distance of about ten metres it is also possible to walk in behind them but be warned, you will get absolutely soaked so bring a change of clothes or be prepared to walk quite a bit before being let on to any bus.

The Great Geysir
This geyser which can be found in the south west of Iceland, is actually the spring which gave rise to the word in the first place. Yes, it’s the original geyser which gave the English language its only Icelandic word. While it rarely performs anymore, the spectacle when it does is well worth catching – a jet of steaming water shooting two hundred feet upwards in the air. When it doesn’t live up to occasion, however, there is an alternative geyser nearby by the name of Strokkur. And, while its mere sixty to one hundred foot jet may not be quite as impressive as the Great Geysir, it does occur every five minutes without fail so at least you won’t have to leave the country without seeing this fascinating natural attraction.

Located in the north east of the country, this region is regarded as one of the natural wonders of the world as well as being one of Iceland’s most popular regions. Home to a vast collection of wildlife, fascinating volcanic formations and the beautiful lake which forms the main part of the reserve, there are even some volcanoes which continue to bubble and hiss making for a truly memorable excursion. Furthermore, the weather in this region is probably the best in Iceland thanks to the fact that it lies in a rain shadow adding further to its appeal. Do allow a couple of days for a visit to Myvatn, however, as there is a lot to see and to truly appreciate it, you need to be able to enjoy every aspect of the area.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum, Reykjavik
And now for something completely different but don’t get too excited – unless the idea of a 170 centimetre long sperm whale sample does it for you. The only museum of its kind in the world, this establishment houses phallic specimens of each type of mammal found in the country. Created to allow people to study the field of phallology properly (interesting) during a visit you will encounter over a hundred different ‘penile parts’ from animals including the whale, the polar bear, the seal and the walrus. Man hasn’t made it just yet but the museum has been granted permission to use such a sample if it ever became available. Well, we did say it was different.

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