Transport in Iceland

Getting There
While Icelandair still operate most flights into the country, they no longer hold a monopoly on the route between the UK and Iceland. GO, one of the many new low-cost airlines operating out of Britain now fly summer flights to Keflavik four times per week during the summer season. From the US and Canada, Icelandair is still the only airline which provides connections to Iceland and even this only flies to and from a few destinations in the US and one in Canada. Finally, for most other world destinations including Australia and New Zealand there are no direct connections to Iceland so the best option is to fly to London and take a connecting flight from there. In fact, for US and Canadian visitors this is also probably the easiest way to get there.

There are some ferry connections between the UK and Iceland too, but these do not come highly recommended. Frequent storms and rough seas make the journey very unpleasant and it’s also very long, some lasting up to three days.

Getting Around
Internal travel is excellent during the summer months with regular bus connections between all the major towns and cities as well as some buses through the Interior. BSI, the country’s long distance bus organisation has an office at the country’s main airport and provides a free timetable of all departures and tours run by the different companies. Travel by bus is expensive, however, and you are recommended to avail of the bus passes provided by BSI. Many of these also offer discounts on accommodation and ferry journeys. During the winter months, bus travel is not possible in many parts of the country and the only way to get from one city to another is by domestic air travel. Again this is very expensive, particularly for the budget traveller.

A popular way to see the country is to hire your own transport which can work out well if you are travelling in a group. This will only allow you to travel on the Ringroad, however, unless you hire an off-road vehicle so you will still have to rely on tours to see the towns and attractions which lie off this main route.

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