Eating Out in Indonesia

Just like in all Asian countries, the basis of all Indonesian meals is rice. Nearly all meals contain it, mixing it with either fish or meat. Two of the country’s provinces Malaku (the Moluccas) and Irian Jaya (Indonesian New Guinea) surprisingly steer clear of rice, instead using sago palm flour and sweet potatoes and cassava to serve with meals.

All food served in the different dishes are usually strong in flavour and spices. As Indonesia is a largely Muslim country, pork doesn’t usually feature in meals. Instead goat and lamb are the most widely used meats.

A selection of countries influence how Indonesian food is cooked. Like Thailand’s cuisine, coconut milk is used in curries, as well as using lemon grass, another Thai characteristic. Other countries which have left their mark are the Netherlands and Spain, along with Japan and China as Indonesians frequently cook their food in a wok.

The national dish is called Nasi Goreng. This is fried rice with a fried egg. Some other national dishes include Kari Ikan (fish curry) and Semur Daging which is beef in Soya sauce. Other regions in the country have their own specialities.

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