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City Tour of Ireland

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Ireland is a very easy country to get around thanks to an extensive bus service which connects all major towns and cities. It also has a country wide rail service but for most journeys the bus is more flexible, frequent and most importantly, at least 50% cheaper than taking the train. It’s not a big country so you can easily make your way to the major cities but it certainly makes for an action packed seven days.

Where better to begin your speedy tour than in ‘Dublin’s Fair City’ - the fun filled capital of the Emerald Isle. As well as the host of attractions on offer, the city can really only be appreciated by those who truly immerse themselves in the culture and there’s no better way to do this than by frequenting the host of the pubs and restaurants on offer. Sip on a pint of Guinness in its native home while listening to some Irish music or sampling traditional cuisine and you’ll know what we mean.
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Culture Vulture's Guide to Ireland

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Ireland has more to offer than pints of Guinness, old tales about Leprechauns and green fields. The arts and culture scene is vibrant in most cities, with a vast selection of museums, galleries and theatres to choose from. Read More»

Getting active on the Emerald Isle

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Every county has enough walks and activities to keep most people happy. Whether it is walking to the top of mountains for breathtaking views, or around city centre parks at a leisurely pace, you won't find it hard finding some way to get active in Ireland. Read More»

3 days in Dublin

3 days in Dublin

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Bullet-torn buildings, Europe’s widest street, train rides along scenic bays and, of course, Guinness – you’d be surprised what you can fit into three days when in Dublin. Read More»

Exploring Dublin

Exploring Dublin

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Birthplace to many of the world’s most popular musicians, writers and singers, Dublin is a city perfect for a break at any time of the year and has something for everybody. If you are looking for culture there are a host of museums to visit, if the great outdoors are your thing then you can take pleasure in a stroll in one of the world’s largest city centre parks, and if you enjoy letting your hair down you will love its legendary nightlife. Check out our 5 days in Dublin itinerary. Read More»

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