Transport in Italy

Getting There
The country can be accessed by road, rail, air or sea. The quickest and most expensive means of entering the country but which is essential for non -European visitors is by air. Italy's two main hub airports are Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa with direct connections to the European capitals and main cities of North America. It is possible as well to find international flights to one of the smaller airports, which exist in almost every region of Italy

The most popular means of entering the country from within Europe is by train. This is a relatively cheap option and the Italian rail service is more efficient than their bus service. Direct trains to Italy connect the main European cities. This mode of transport is particularly attractive for destinations in the northern part of the country, where the stations in Turin, Milan, Verona, Venice and Trieste are arrival points of the very comfortable Eurocity trains. Alternatively you can arrive into the country by ferry from Albania, Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain, Turkey and Tunisia.

Getting Around
Once there the most appropriate means of getting between cities is by train or by bus. Trains will connect you to all major cities and towns. Buses will also bring you into smaller villages and towns. The most appropriate however to discover the unbeaten track is by car. Car hire however in Italy can be pricey but if you intend to avail of it remember to bring your driving licence (with an Italian Translation) and International Green Card of Insurance is also advisable.

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