About Jamaica

Jamaica has a reputation of being one the most laid back countries in the world. This is largely due to a warm climate which is perfect for relaxing in, and reggae music. Both largely portray an image of the natives being a very relaxed race who enjoy having a good time with no worries.

The Caribbean country was first conquered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and the Spanish settled. Jamaica remained Spanish until the British took over in 1670. By the 18th century the population was mostly made up of African slaves who worked on sugar cane planes. Slavery eventually became abolished in 1833 as the sugar cane industry declined rapidly.

Jamaica remained under British rule until 1962 when on August 6th that year it became an independent state of the Commonwealth after Jamaica withdrew from the British-sponsored West Indies Federation. This was done under the power of Sir Alexander Bustamante who then went on to become the country’s first prime minister.

Today Jamaica’s population is mainly made up of an African population, with Afro-Europeans and Afro-East Indians making up the remainder along with some ethnic minorities. Its main industries include tourism, agriculture and mining.

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