Eating Out in Kenya

The only area of Kenya where you can find true Swahili cuisine is on the coast, lying against the Indian Ocean. The tropical area of the east-African country provides an abundance of fresh fruit, while the ocean is the source of fresh seafood. It is here the African culture and Middle Eastern influences combine to provide its local culinary delights.

Once you begin to move further inland, meat becomes the more featured ingredient, the most frequently used being beef, veal, goat and lamb. One of their most popular is known as ‘Nyama Choma’ which is Swahili for roast meat.

Nairobi has the best selection of restaurants in the country with the usual array of restaurants found in any capital. Outside of this city, the selection becomes more limited. One good advantage of dining away from Nairobi is that on ranches and camps much of the dining is done outdoors.

Some of Kenya’s best recipes and dishes include curries made from thick coconut sauces and seafood cooked using cloves and cinnamon. These specialities are found particularly around the coastal regions. At the other extreme are cooking methods used by the Maasai community. They have been known to add sour milk and even fresh blood into some of their meals.

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