About Laos

In the past Laos hasn’t been the first South-East Asian that has sprung to backpackers’ minds as a place to visit. Thailand was always the country in that part of the world which travellers went straight to. Thanks to this its neighbours have benefited, and Laos is one of them.

Over the last number of centuries Laos has been used to being under rule from other countries. In the past Thai, Vietnamese and Siamese conquerors have ruled South-East Asia’s least developed country and it wasn’t until 1890 that the country developed national boundaries when it was under French rule.

It suffered slightly from the Vietnam War as the North Vietnamese Army took base in the Northern Laos at the time. The US Army bombed the area as a result. Around the same time, after six centuries of rule under a monarch, Laos finally became a Democratic Republic in 1975. Many weren’t happy with this change and fled to either Thailand or America.

Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world. It’s most important industry is agriculture as it employs over 50% of the country’s workforce. Even though the people of the country have had a hard time over the years, they are still very friendly and always welcome tourists.

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