Entertainment in Laos

The area of Laos you are staying in plays a huge part in exactly what you can do once night falls. This isn’t exactly South-East Asia’s liveliest country and you may find yourself struggling when it comes to finding a disco, depending on how rural an area you are in.

In Vientiane, Luang Prabang and other provincial capitals, you will always find somewhere to enjoy the night with a beer or two, but choices can be limited. Some of venues will play pop music from the west as well as the latest Lao pop music. Live bands are popular in many venues also.

While it might not sound as fun or adventurous as going to a bar or nightclub, in some parts of Laos the only thing to do may be get a few bottles of Lao Beer, or maybe even some Lao-Lao, a local type of whiskey. Both are known to keep spirits high so after a few of them you won’t feel to bored!

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