Things To See in Laos

As Laos is still relatively under developed and still hasn’t been commercialised it presents something which is hard to find anywhere in South East Asia – truly unspoilt areas. Altogether the country is divided into 17 provinces, each with their own highlights.

If you want to see how the minorities live, travel to Luang Namtha in Northern Laos. There are a total of 39 minorities living here. Just east of this province is the Bokeo Province which is where you will find Huay Xai, the Lao town on the famous ‘Golden Triangle’. This is where the borders of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet.

If you don’t travel that far from Vientiane, Laos’ capital itself is different to other South East Asian capitals. It is nowhere as busy as Bangkok or Hanoi, and instead of streets packed with cars, tuk-tuks and taxis polluting the air, you could find a rice field behind one of the city streets.

Flowing down through the majority of the country is the Mekong River. Approximately two thirds of the country’s population lives along the river’s valley. Don’t miss the opportunity to travel down this river if you make it to Laos. And don’t leave without visiting Luang Prabang, one of only two areas in Laos which is World Heritage Listed. This is thanks to the city’s 32 temples.

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