Transport in Latvia

Getting There
All flights to Latvia arrive in Riga airport which is situated in Jurmala, about fourteen kilometres west of the city centre. The main airline serving the country is the state operated Air Baltic but SAS, Austrian Airlines, Estonian Air, Czech Airlines, Finnair, LOT and Lufthansa also operate flights to Latvia as well as some others. These airlines operate direct flights to Riga from Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kiev, London, Minsk, Munich, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw and Zurich. At present there are no direct flights between Latvia and North America, Australia or Asia but connecting flights from the aforementioned cities should not be difficult to find.

As well as arriving by air there are also numerous bus and rail connections between several European countries and Latvia. Direct bus services connect Riga with Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Russia. The main train services are the Berlin to St Petersburg service which stops at Daugavpils in the south east of the country about two hundred and thirty kilometres from Riga as well as connections between the capital and Moscow, St. Petersburg and Minsk and between Daugavpils and Chernivtsi. You should also note that Eurail passes are not accepted.

Finally, for those of you really looking for an adventure, there are ferry connections between Riga and Travemunde in Germany and Stockholm and Slite in Sweden, and Roomassaare in Estonia.

Getting Around
Once you arrive in Latvia the quickest way to make your way around the country is by bus rather than train. Furthermore, buses cover a much greater area than trains and in many cases where you avail of the rail service, you will have to use a bus to complete certain parts of the journey where the train service does not cover. Both forms of transport leave regularly from the central stations n Riga. For rail services go to Stacijas Laukums and for bus connections the station is located at Pragas iela 1.

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