Eating Out in Lithuania

In centuries gone by eating was nearly seen as a ritual in households, and when people sat down for meals they were expected to behave just as they would when going to church. The head of the household sat at the top of the table, with his partner directly across facing, all male members of the household on the left and all females on the right.

Even though Lithuania isn’t one of Europe’s larger countries, different meals are connected with different areas. Potatoes, dairy products and dumplings are extremely popular with local chefs, particularly around Central Lithuanian. Natives around Dzükija National Park in the south and Aukstaitijia National Park in the north are prone to pancakes, porridge and soup.

Some traditional Lithuanian dishes include Kastinis which is made from butter and sour cream and is a type of soup. Another, better known dish is cepelinai, or Zeppelin. This speciality, shaped like the airship, is made up of mashed potato stuffed with meat and then fried.

Eating out in Lithuania has become more expensive over the last number of years as the tourism industry in Eastern Europe has boomed. While you will find a good selection of Italian, Chinese and other restaurants serving international food, you will need to wander into some local restaurants for true local cuisine.

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