Entertainment in Lithuania

In the capital, Vilnius, you can find the best selection of nightclubs and bars. Just like in any European capital, the bars and nightclubs play the usual chart hits you will find in nightclubs all across the continent.

Night time is a good time to soak in some Lithuanian culture. Instead of going straight to the local drinking holes, a good place to go is the theatre. It is a very popular way to spend an evening and the Jaunimo tetras (theatres) in Vilnius are famous throughout the country.

Over the calendar year there are a lot of festivals around the country, and in particular in the capital. If you are planning on paying Lithuania a visit, a good time to go is in May when the International Folk Festival is held in Vilnius, May/June when the Vilnius Music Festival is held, and July when the Thomas-Mann festival takes place in Nida.

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