Things To See in Lithuania

A good place to begin your sightseeing is in one of the many national parks around the country. Trakai National Park, 25 kilometers outside Vilnius is full of lakes, forests, and as it covers over eight thousand kilometers in all, there are even some villages in the park also. The most visited attraction in the whole park is the Ancient Castle on the island of Lake Galve.

Also around the area surrounding the capital are The Lurdas National Park where a statue of the Virgin Mary stands and the Kersiu Nerija National Park which was appointed a national park in 1992 to preserve the natural scenic beauty around Kersiu Nerija, a narrow peninsula separating the Kursiu Marios Lagoon from the Baltic Sea.

Kaunas is Lithuania’s second largest city and has it’s own qualities and attractions. The Old Castle and the different museums are the main attractions, while Klaipeda, the third largest city built on the mouth of the Kursiu Lagoon draws many tourists with it’s own old town and castle, built in 1252.

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