Eating Out in Mexico

While traditional Mexican food is now being served in restaurants all over the world, visitors to the country will be pleasantly surprised when they arrive in the country. In truth, the majority of Mexican cuisine which is cooked outside Mexico differs greatly from the real thing, and not for the best. So, you are in for a culinary treat whenever and wherever you go out to eat during your stay.

Corn was regarded as a sacred food by the pre-Columbian tribes and despite all the various settlers which have made their way into the country, it still remains as the basis for most Mexican dishes to this day. In particular, it is used in the ever-popular tortillas which usually accompany every meal and serve as the basis for tacos, tostadas, fluatas, enchiladas and chalupas all of which are fried and filled with cheese, beans, meat or chicken and a sauce. Of all of these, the enchilada has remained the constant favourite. Translating directly as a tortilla dipped in chilii, the dish began as exactly this. It was then fried in very hot oil and sprinkled with onions and cheese and served with potatoes and carrots. So, if you want to sample an authentic Mexican dish, this is the one you need to try as they still serve them throughout the country.

Another favourite among the natives is pollo con mole which consists of chicken in a sauce which contains garlic, chocolate and numerous spices. Interesting combination. The country is also noted for its pastries, honey and chocolate drinks so be sure to try all of these too. The main thing that you need to remember is that it’s good to experiment. You are now in the home of eighty different types of chilli, you can’t afford to be coy.

In order to ensure that coy is the last thing you are, and although you probably don’t need to be told, the most renowned Mexican drink is tequila. Made from the maguey plant it should be drank in the traditional fashion which most of you are probably familiar with. If you’re not, then you will find out as soon as you get there. The maguey plant is also used as the base for several equally potent Mexican drinks which include aguamiel, mezcal and pulque. Mezcal is the infamous beverage with the worm at the bottom of the glass but don’t worry, if you don’t drink it, lots of people like to fry them for snacks. Enjoy!

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