About Nepal

Nepal is a long, narrow, landlocked country which is somewhat isolated from a lot of Asia due to the Himalayan Mountains are located all along the north. With Tibet bordering the north, and India bordering the south, many of those who backpack around southern Asia come here to trek through the Himalayas and gaze in awe at some of the country’s scenery.

Due to it’s location between both countries it has long been the meeting point for the Mongoloid people of Northern Asia and the Caucasoid people of India. Its central location has worked in both its favour as central trader between both nations but also as a disadvantage due to the fear of invasion from both the superpowers.

While the north of the country is dominated by the Himalayas, the southern end of the country is made up of an area known as The Terai. Most travellers simply pass through here on their way to Katmandu to begin their mountain treks, but the region has lots to offer those who decide to stop there instead of following the rest straight to the foothills.

Of the twenty one and a half million people who live there, approximately 90% are Hindu, with Tibetan Buddhists and Muslims making up minorities. Together, they enjoy a sometimes wet climate which does get drier between September and November.

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