Eating Out in Nepal

Nepal has two different cuisines – Nepali food and Newari food. One cuisine belongs to the Newars who were the original inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley. They still live there today. Nepali food belongs to the majority of the country and even though Nepal is quite small in relation to the rest of Asia, there can be some very noticeable differences between both foods.

Nepali food can be quite bland with soup, rice and vegetables featuring in a lot of the main courses. As many Nepalese are vegetarians, meat doesn’t feature frequently. The main dish is called ‘Daal Bhaat Tarkaari’ which consists of lentil soup, rice and curried vegetables.

Newari food on the other hand is a bit more eventful for your taste buds with spices and meat which is taken from buffalos. That means you can have buffalo soup, buffalo steak, buffalo meatballs, buffalo mince - it is very popular. Their main dish is called ‘Momo’ (momocha) which is made of meat-filled steamed dumplings.

If you ever venture, or get invited into a Nepalese home, stay away from the kitchen – by doing so you have the chance of polluting food and families can be ver wary of hygiene in their homes. When drinking water from cups they even try doing so without letting their lips touch the cups or glasses.

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