Things To See in Nepal

Nepal can be divided into three areas, geographically - the north which is made up of the Himalayan Mountains, central Nepal consisting of the Himalayan Valley which is also abundant with mountains, and the Terai which makes up southern Nepal.

The Himalayas are the country’s biggest attraction and most visitors embark on treks through the mountains during their stay. The world’s highest peak, Mt Everest is situated in northern Nepal and, although most travellers obviously don’t climb to the top of the famous peak, it is possible to go on treks to the base camp.

The centre point for anybody’s trip to Nepal’s is Kathmandu. Like most Asian capitals, the city mixes the old with the new. Ancient architecture and monuments are dotted throughout the city whereas the influence from the west can be seen more and more each day.

The Terai is different to the rest of the country in that it doesn’t have some of the world’s highest mountain peaks surrounding the area and domineering over the skies. Instead this area has National Parks to trek through on elephants and never-ending wildlife. While most people who visit the Terai area of the country only do so on their way to Kathmandu, most don’t stop over. This can be a waste as the southern part of Nepal does has lots to offer, just not on such a wider scale as the north.

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