Transport in New Zealand

New Zealand Transport

Getting There

By air:

Flying is definitely the easiest way to get to New Zealand. Flights from most destinations around the world are quite long and many have stopovers along the way. Most international flights arrive at Auckland Airport, while Christchurch Airport welcomes numerous flights from Australia, Singapore and beyond.

Getting Around

By air:

All of New Zealand’s major cities and a number of its major towns are connected by a network of domestic flights. Keep an eye out for discounts to get really good bargains. On top of that, air travel gives you some really unique views of the North and South Islands as you fly over.

By bus/train:

New Zealand also boasts a pretty comprehensive network of bus and train services. While it can be more time consuming to travel overland, you’ll get to see a lot of the country. Book online to take advantage of really cheap bus trip deals. Some discounts are also offered on a selection of train journeys.

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