Transport in Norway

Getting There:

By air: Most major European airlines fly to Norway’s main international airport which is in Oslo.

By train: There are rail connections between Oslo and other Scandinavian cities. From Stockholm, it takes 3 hours to reach the Norwegian capital. You can travel to Oslo from Copenhagen also, the journey taking approximately 8 hours.

There are also rail connections with other Norwegian cities such as Trondheim and Narvik.

By bus: There are regular buses daily to Norway from both Denmark and Sweden.

Buses also connect to Norway from both Russia and Finland, although they are not expresses and don’t travel to the main cities.

By ferry: It is possible to travel to Norway via ferry from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Iceland.

There is also a connection from Bergen in southern Norway and Newcastle in the UK.

Getting Around:

By air: Norway has a total of 50 airports. If you are travelling from one end of the country to the other make sure and research the prices of flights as some journeys are extremely long.

By train: The rail network in Norway is very efficient and Oslo is connected to all other major cities and towns.

By bus: Just like the rail network, the bus service is extremely efficient. It is also very extensive and you should be able to get a bus to any location.

Most regional towns and cities have their own bus service.

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