Things To See in Philippines

The Philippines have something for everybody as they are full of tropical islands to explore, active volcanoes to visit, rainforest to walk through. Thanks to more miles of coastline the whole of the United States has together, there are endless sandy beaches to relax on also.

The largest of all the 7,107 (with an extra island at low tide) is Luzon, which is also the most northern island. In the north west of the island is the Hundred Islands National Park. This park is a group of white sandy beaches that draws thousands of tourists each year. As well as lazing on the tropical beaches, the area also has some excellent snorkelling and diving sites.

If you travel this north, you must go that little bit further to a town called Banaue. The Philippines’ famous rice terraces, which have recently been regarded as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, were carved out over 2000 years ago and create a stepping-stone stairway approximately 1500 metres high.

Also on Luzon is Mayon Volcano which stands at 2460 metres high. Still active, it erupted in both 2000 and 2001. As it is situated in a generally flat landscape of the region, it can be seen for miles and miles. Other volcanoes on Luzon include Mount Pinatubo on the west coast and Taal Volcano, south of Manila.

Other attractions on some of the remaining 10 main islands include an array of beaches to laze about on Samar, the Twin Lakes on Negros, Palawan’s exotic flora and fauna and Paradise Valley on Cebu.

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