Eating Out in Poland

The staple ingredients of many polish recipes are sauerkraut, beetroot, gherkins and marjoram among others. Many crops such as rye, wheat, barley and buckwheat are widely used also. Naturally, they aren’t thrown into any old concoction a Polish chef will rustle up in the kitchen, but they do manage to crop up in many dishes.

Some of its native dishes include Kotlet schabowy which is breaded pork cutlet, Klopsiki which is meatloaf stuffed with eggs and Naleœniki which are omelettes stuffed with meat and sometimes jam and fruit also!

Warsaw has the best selection of eateries to be found in Poland, catering for all budgets while Krakow, due to the sudden increase of tourists flocking there, isn’t far behind. If you are on a tight budget try out Poland’s ‘milk bars’ which are ultra-cheap self-service cafeterias.

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