Transport in Poland

Getting There

By air: Flying to Poland, the main city which deals with international flights is Warsaw. There are also airports in Krakow, Katowice and other large cities where international flights arrive.

By train: Poland is well connected with all its neighbouring countries by train and Warsaw has direct connections with all major cities.

By bus: Along with the main companies operating bus routes between Poland and other European cities, there are also a host of private companies offering the same service. Make sure to shop around for the best rates.

Getting Around

By air: Warsaw is the only city which is connected to all other Polish cities by air. Fares are substantially more expensive than trains so you are better off sticking to the ground when travelling around.

By train: Travelling around Poland via train is easy and isn’t too expensive. There are good connections between all major cities although some routes will still involve a changeover/detour.

By bus: Buses are good for some of the shorter journeys and can get you to some destinations quicker than trains. The main bus company in Poland is PKS.

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