Entertainment in Portugal

Portugal is a particularly lively country during the summer months when there is always some festival taking place somewhere around the country. One of the festivals which is better than others is Festa de Santo Santónio in Lisbon on the 12th-13th June which is an all-night street fair in Lisbon.

The Portuguese are just as much into their nightclubs and bars as the rest of Europe. Lisbon’s nightlife is extremely vibrant, as is that in Porto and Portugal’s student town, Coimbra. Touristy towns such as Lagos and Faro on the Algarve are also known for their liveliness once the sun goes down.

Portugal has a traditional folk music known as Fado. Try and catch a performance at some stage during your stay to get some sort of insight into their social culture.

On the 12th June 2004 the UEFA European Cup will be taking place in Portugal, turning the whole country into one big party town. Porto and Lisbon will be the two largest centres, but the whole country will switch into party mode for the tournament’s 3 weeks.

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