Things To See in Portugal

The best way to think about Portugal in terms of sightseeing is to divide it into their different regions, each with their different attributes. The north east of the country is known as ‘Costa Verde’ which means ‘Green Coast’. Just as its name implies, the hills here are where you can see various shades of green. This is where Portugal experiences its highest levels and its capital is Porto.

East of this is in the north west of Portugal is ‘Montanhas’, meaning mountains. Along with being Portugal’s most mountainous region, it is where you can find old castles, unspoilt countryside and vineyards.

Portugal’s other regions are ‘Costa de Prata’ (the Silver Coast) with its 200km of coastline and quaint villages, the Algarve which is famous all over the world for its beaches, and the Lisbon Coast where the city’s charming capital city is situated.

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