Transport in Portugal

Getting There:

By air: Portugal’s main airports are in Lisbon, Porto and Faro. Nearly all major European airlines fly to one of these.

Airport taxes vary, depending on which country you are flying from.

By train: There are two main long distance train routes into Portugal, going to Porto and Lisbon. Both originate in Paris with the TGV Atlantique going to Irún in Spain. This is where you have to change trains, depending on whether you want to go to Porto or Lisbon.

By bus: Buses are the cheaper way to get around Europe, and the most popular bus company is ‘Busabout’. You can book your bus travel with Busabout through this site.

Getting Around:

By air: You can travel between the major cities in Portugal by air although it can prove to be costly. As there are no extreme distances between different destinations it is far more cost effective to travel by train or bus.

By train: Portugal’s state railway company is Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses. Different to other European countries, it is cheaper to travel around Portugal on train rather than on bus, although they are slower.

By bus: There are various bus companies operating around Portugal and they ensure getting around the country on bus isn’t a problem. Buses are generally quicker than trains for long journeys.

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