About Scotland

Although Scotland’s population is only a tenth of its English neighbour, the country and its people have had an amazing impact all over the world throughout the centuries. Not only have its residents fought numerous battles on home soil, but they have also fought as mercenaries in so many wars in foreign countries. William Wallace, Rob Roy and Robert the Bruce are names which are famous all over, and it’s not just because of blockbuster Hollywood movies, these people were known long before Mel Gibson and his counterparts brought them back to life. Apart from its war heroes, the country and its citizens also have the honour of knowing that it was one of their own who invented the television, the telephone, tarmacadam and the steam engine, as well as discovering penicillin.

Even today, its people are one of the country’s biggest assets. Actors, Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor and comedian Billy Connelly have ensured that the Scots have retained their position on the world-wide stage. Of course, it’s not just the rich and famous who are responsible for the popularity of the Scottish, it’s the entire population. Their sense of humour and their love of fun make visitors to the country want to become part of whatever is going on, be it a traditional ceilidh or a festival of some sort. And of course that accent would reassure even the most inhibited among you.

Scotland's other biggest asset is of course its scenery. From to the heather covered mountains and glassy lakes to the castles and abbeys, a visit to Scotland will certainly make you appreciate why this country is so popular as a tourist destination. And of course you can always trace your clan and discover its tartan while you are there, if you are so inclined.

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