Eating Out in Sweden

What best suits backpackers travelling around Sweden are the breakfasts hostels and hotels alike like to dish out to their guests every day. For a small amount you are usually able to get all-you-can-eat brekkies in hostels, while hotels sometimes give them to their guests for free. Normally, they consist of tea, coffee and juice along with cereals and even salami.

For the best value when eating out in Sweden you need to do so in the afternoon. Lunch prices are substantially more moderate when compared to prices of evening meals. Cafés serve them in the afternoons up until approximately 3pm.

One truly Swedish speciality when eating out is the smörgasbord. This is when restaurants put out an array of food (similar to a buffet). They can contain anything from seafood to meat (which sometimes can be reindeer) with new potatoes and chives on the side. Contrary to belief, as they can sometimes include up to 40 dishes, they are not served by that often by Swedish restaurants.

Traditional recipes found in Swedish restaurants include reindeer filled with potato dumplings, roast elk and Swedish Hash which is 8-10 finely diced potatoes mixed with onion, beet root and cooked beef.

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