Transport in Sweden

Getting there

By air: Sweden’s main international airport is Arlanda which is half an hour’s drive outside Stockholm. All European cities have direct connections with the airport.

By sea: As Denmark is only 45 minutes away from Sweden by sea, there are well over 100 different connections between the two countries daily. One of the most popular way to make the journey is on hydrofoil.

Buses from many European cities have connections with Stockholm, although usually includes a ferry somewhere along the line. Check with your local operator.

By land: The only countries with overland connections with Sweden are its bordering countries Finland and Norway.

Getting around

By air: The country’s main airport is just outside Stockholm while there also airports up north in Kiruna and down south in Malmo.

By train: The rail network in Sweden, like in many European countries, is the quickest way to get around.

By bus: When travelling by bus in Sweden, you can either go via long distance routes, or if not there is an option to get a number of different buses through different various regional zones.

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